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The mood of training is upbeat and exciting and is designed so that participants complete the exercises with confidence and competence.

Those who come on our courses are from every kind of background and profession; what they have in common is a burning desire to see their dreams come true and to step over the threshold to a new and more stimulating way of thinking that will move them towards bright and colourful horizons.   


Modular NLP Practitioner Level Course
One to One NLP Practitioner Level Course
Four Day NLP Diploma Level Course
Diploma in Hypnotherapy Course

> Practitioner Level Certificate Course

What participants have said about recent courses:

“This is only the second day and already I have had more than my money’s worth. I know my whole life is being transformed.”
Maria, Edinburgh

“Anyone who wants to experience real joy while acquiring life-changing skills should think very seriously about NLP training.”
Eileen, Uddingston

I did the Coaching Practitioner Course on completion of my Psychology Degree and found that NLP describes a theory of mind that gave me an even deeper understanding of why people do what they do. Elizabeth

We thought it would be proper to display some of the comments from clients who have attended the courses.

“As an IT company, we're continually looking for ways to improve the delivery of our training and application development. After successfully reaching Practitioner level, the return on investment was immediate. Mina doesn't just teach NLP, she lives it!”

Michael McDermott, Partner, On-Site Solutions

 “This is definitely the very best training I have ever experienced.”
Mark, Stevenson, Ayrshire.

I came on the course in the hope of improving my coaching skills but it has given me so much more: my confidence in life and my enthusiasm for my work have been greatly improved and I am more positive now than I have ever been.”
James, Glasgow 

  I run my own Riding Stables and booked on the NLP One to One course to improve my personal relationship skills and found the course gave me so much more. My business developed at an unbelievable rate and my clients seemed to be more satisfied with the results of their competitions. I would recommend Mina’s training to anyone looking to make truly astonishing changes. Ellen B.