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Practitioner Level Certificate Course

People travel the world to wonder
At the height of the mountains,
At the huge waves of the sea,
At the long courses of rivers,
At the vast compass of the ocean,
At the circular motion of the stars,
And they pass themselves by without wondering!  
St Augustine

This course is delivered:

a) in a modular fashion: in four weekends over four months

b) in an intensive format: eight days over two to three weeks

c) in a coaching format on a one-to-one basis. Whatever format you choose this course will certainly change your thinking and transform the way you communicate with yourself and others.


The modular course allows integration of learning in between modules. All the courses’ formats are designed to take advantage of your unique style of learning and you are supported in an individual way on the course and between sessions as you choose.

The intensive course makes use of accelerated learning and the great benefits of your unconscious mind.

On the one-to-one course the dates and times are as flexible as you need to make them and every session allows you to apply your learnings to the issues most important to you in your everyday life and  tasks.

What's in it for me, you ask?