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If you prefer to acquire your NLP skills by one-to-one coaching this is also an option.

Mina McGuigan BA Hons Coach & NLP Certified Trainer
Mina has a great track record in executive, personal and sports coaching and her professional services are in great demand.

Among her client group are a number of international consultancies based in the City of London and professional sportsmen and athletes: she is a lecturer in Professional Development and a founder member of the foremost NLP training company in Scotland.

What is professional coaching?
Coaching is a professional service providing clients with feedback, insights, and guidance from an objective perspective. It is an ongoing collaborative partnership built on taking action.

In this dynamic alliance, clients find themselves:

· Achieving exciting results

· Appreciating themselves more profitably

· Sustaining the momentum of progress

· Becoming more effective and focused

· Finding great balance and poise

Why would I want a coach?
If you are looking for excellence in whatever you do, in business, in home and social life, what you might really benefit from is a professional coach: someone who can lead you out towards the magnificent achievements you know you are ready to award yourself.

Is your life/career progression going as fast as it could be?
Our kind of coaching may be the accelerator you need to get onto the fast track.


Comment from a recent coachee who became a very skilled NLPer:
“Not only did I acquire a whole raft of new skills but I have had 12 days fantastic coaching which was immediately transferable to my executive banking work”.
Louise, Falkirk.

"Today, coaches provide relationship and structure for people seeking business or career success. They also help people with all kinds of issues because it's becoming generally recognised that the lines between work life and personal life blend with one influencing the other."
Paul Edwards: "The Best Home Businesses for the 21st Century"